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Amandeep Jaswal asks...
Vegas giving the Nets the edge over the Knicks to win the 2013 title!!!
There dead wrong!!!
There right???

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Why??? Looking good on paper is not enough. On or off paper they don't look like a better team to me -- maybe I'm bias? Plus I foresee a lot of growing pains for the Nets -- we will see. HEY NY212: Go lay down somewhere and take a nap!!! LETS GO KNICKS!!!
I'm tellin' you, man... The Knicks don't get no love. I don't know how a team with a mediocre frontcourt and an almost nonexistent bench could possibly win an NBA Title over a team as deep as the Knicks.
No way, they do not possess the talent we have at any position. Just because they moved to Brooklyn doesn't mean they will play any better.
only a fool will for that... joe johnson brook humphreys and d-will are no competition to our big three...
there wrong because the knicks may not have the best chance but nor does brooklyn, and they played 2 preseason games against a 76erless bynum and won by 2 points while the knicks won the celtics bench vs bench while the starters on both teams excelled, so way in hell does nets have a better chance..and BTW, its Vegas..yunno were you get drunk,gamble,and wake up knowing u were vegas is the last place id trust
All this "Sports Science" and over examination is getting to heads. What wins is will, heart and execution. I love being under the radar. This is why we play the game. EPSN is the MSNBC, Fox News of sports now. I pay them no attention. Last time everybody was saying the Heat were done against the Celtics. Let them Gamble all they want. Odds don't mean crap. Ask the Giants.
They also think the Patriots are better than the Giants.
The only that is possible is if D'Antoni comes back to coach the Knicks, Melo is traded for Harden and Amare and Tyson die. Got that?
From a basketball standpoint, it won't happen. Especially not this season. The Knicks have a solid core that has been together longer than the Nets. Brooklyn is still rebuilding and may have a chance in a year or two. But right now with the teams we have, matchup wise ... the Brooklyn Nets aren't the only team in the NBA that we have WAY more depth than.
stoooOOOP. next!
Wrong period.
nets dont have a signifagant bench and there a new team
they just dont have the calibur of talent that we do! we got it all scorers, defenders, big men, passers, dunkers, shooters, we got it all on this one team!
The Nets' roster is young and overrated. HELLNOOO
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U knicks fans r too blinded by the knicks to take a objective look at another team. The nets have a team of good players an u will see how good they bench is. The knicks have a old bench. The nets have put a solid team together that will b better then te knicks. Every body 0-0 til nov 1st. Yall keep saying how deep the knicks bench is so i don't want 2 hear no excuses this yr. U better stop taking them lightly. Brooklyn NY Nets baby!
Because YOLO!