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Harlem Blvd asks...

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I SAY KEEP EM dude is impressing and looks like he can ball
Deadly with the threes but needs to work on his defense.
Definitely a threat....
Keep him, he's a sharp shooter. He needs to work harder, from the training camp footage i seen, it looks like he is chillin
kid can SCORE
Great shooter. Has length and some physical ability. He's young and has upside. Besides we don't have to cut anybody yet so why the hurry? ; )
great shooter
keep him.. he looks good.
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who wait oooooo no pass
I am so far, not impressed by any of the new kids yet. Ask this question at the end of pre-season.
Sure we can keep him ... on the Bayhawks. He lacks the intensity on defense and offense to be on the team now, let's see how he does his first season as a Bayhawk, until then, Mychal Thompson should fill out our last spot.
Although I like his potential, would like knicks to leave room for flexibility and no gurantees.
no room. need to sign henry sims