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Amandeep Jaswal asks...
How will Felton do this year as a Knicks?
Be good or be an allstar
Not great, bad

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When someone has a chip on their shoulder, they have a lot to prove. Felton is proud to wear the Blue and Orange which is why he was depressed and gained weight. He's going to prove it this season!
felt....back where he wanna be
i dont think all star but a good solid point gaurd
he'll have the opportunity to learn from a 1st ballot hall of famer.... if he does bad it's because he had his head in his ass while jason was talking to him
he looks healthy and ready to go! everyone should play like an all star
maybe not a allstar but he'll do good
Felton will have a good, solid and productive year. I don't believe he is an elite, All-Star type talent but he is what we need. He's a good distributor who can score and defend and he's adept at the pick and roll. Most important is he doesn't dominate the ball. He makes pretty quick decisions and finds the right guy in the right situation and if that doesn't develop he knows enough to trust Melo and Stoudemire.
good but not an allstar
hell be good if its anything like 2010 he could be an allstar he was allstarr material in 2010 before the trade
Sorry allstar is pushing it
Very good, no all star
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hes going to have to split a lot of minutes probably wont like that