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Joe Baer asks...
Who will have a better year

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lin's not a knick.. he got his bracket n felt go his!!!! experience vs youth
lin is gonna struggle teams are gonna learn to play him better and he will look bad but he will prob drop like 35 on the knicks once or twice
Statistically? No doubt Lin will have a better year stat wise but we don't need "stats". We need a winning two way PG who is a fit for THIS team so as a team player Felton will have much more success. Lin went to Houston to get paid, play a lot and to be The Man. Good luck. I think Lin got exactly what he wanted. Felton came to NY because he loved it here and he wants to win. God Bless Raymond. ; )
felton all the way
lin will have a good year but only because hes the only option there..felton will have all around better year..
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lin will BECAUSE he is young and HAS TO run the offense
Id say Lin just because he is alone, in houstan, not many scorers over there. I think he will score alot
Lin has to ball in Houston! he has no one to help
Look at how Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic play in Mchale's system last year. lin will average around 20 and 8.