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George Ayob asks...

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jr is more explosive all around i rather iman cuz His D
he going have more time at 2 and his role is going to be important until shump comeback, also when shump comeback i think woodson is going limit shump minutes because the type of injury he comming off of. it would be the smart thing to do.
J.r Yall Have To Understand Shumpert got injured J.r Didnt so we not trying to loose shumpert again n the playoffs ...Yall Buiggin out
A real toughie. ; ) The thing is the question says "who is going to be the most EXPLOSIVE player" and in all ways that's JR Smith. He has the amazing physical athleticism, skills and temperament to be pure dynamite. The REAL question is who will be the BEST player. I could make convincing arguments for JR and Iman...
this was hard but i went with shump. he is a great deffender.
More experience..
Need him if Knicks are gonna go for a deep playoff run
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a defensive threat
one of the best on ball defenders in the NBA! J.R. is a more exciting player because of the way he finishes around the basket
JR is too inconsistent, IMAN is the real deal especially on Defense.
tuff one...but ima have to go with shump...hes defense is gonna get him alot of open dunks..
JR is a great player but Iman is fresh and has something to prove he is gonna be a game changer
come on thats a hard one.. eventhoug Jr been doing it for years..
Hes got the younger legs and fierce attitude