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Matthieu Drouot asks...
YES, he'll be an all-star
NO, he was overrated

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The only reason he gonna n a allstar is because of the large asian population. With the voting u can vote every day multiple times an I'm sure they will max their vote daily. He most likely get a record number of votes. Not because he deserve it but because his fans look like they worship him.
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He will be a star, but New York wasn't the place for him. He is a better fit for the Rockets, and Ray Felton and Jason Kidd are better for the Knicks' system. Lin will have a better career in Houston.
no! the king of turnovers will not be missed
not over rated but not as good as felton lin is good and will be an allstar..more the likley starter for the west..just cuz of the Asian vote (see yoa ming)
Lin was weak
How do you regret letting lin go when you get j kidd and raymond felton along with pablo i wish lin the best but i would rather felton
I don't think Lin was as much overrated as he was over hyped. I loved Linsanity as much as anybody but he isn't the right fit for our team. I do wish we had matched Houston's offer because Lin would have made for a nice trade chip but as a player I like Felton, Kidd and Prigioni as our PGs.
just to much hype and a nice story... just what NY loves.
Yes, and No, No because they are loaded and really deep, to the point that we dont need lin. Yes, because what if lin gets better and goes off, in houstan. Or maybe what if ray felton is not as good as we thought. But I say no, we are pretty good, even if we lost him. I would love to have him back, and let him grow, but he's gone, oh well. I hope lin does great, maybe the knicks will think about resigning him after his contract is over, just like they did with ray felt or thru a trade. Its funny because i was just watching jeremy lin highlights/