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Alan Tolbert asks...
We had two minor injuries today; STAT and Camby.
Still to deep to care.
We need both, NOW!

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Minor injuries and it's the first week of camp when these nagging minor injuries occur.
Still early
their just minor injuries and we didnt even start the pre season were fine they have time to heal
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We need both Stats and Camby to stay healthy. But it shows you how hard they are working.
As long as there healthy opening day
No matter how deep the roster is, every player counts. Every injury contributes to how the team plays.
they will be fine
its early but both of these guys are major peaces in what we do so we need that
We need them, but because its still the pre-season we need to let them go through a full recovery and not rush it like we have been known to due.
Stoudemire needs that comeback season!