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mello37knicks asks...
what would u rather for Stat 'stats?
20 points, 9 reb,1 blk
15 points,6 reb,3 blk

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More points and rebounds, are you really asking me why i picked this choice???
We need 3 things from Stat. 20+ points per game. 8+ rebounds per game. Better man and team defense. I think we get all three but the points are the most important because Stat is high volume AND high efficiency as a scorer. We need a consistent and dangerous #2 scorer to keep pressure off Anthony.
stat and melo need to have atleast 20 a peace every night
He is a 20-10 caliber player !
Having lost Jeremy Lin's offensive production, we need a solid second scorer behind Carmelo to compete on a nightly basis.
this is more realistic for him. getting blocks is something you do earlier on not some you just pick up over one summer.
Blocks will be covered by Chandler and Camby. We need Stat to be assertive on the offensive end and the glass. Thats where Chandler will need help.
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only if the rest of the team is contributing offensively otherwise I hope to see him AMP it up much higher than your choices!!
rather have him on the defensive side more
rather have a defensive force... Defense wins championships
If Amar'e ever records 3 blocks per game, the Knicks can win the division and give the Heat a run for their money in ECF.
I prefer this, he needs to do this consistently, get his 15, rebound and defend, and on a night when he is hot he can score more than 20
the team this year needs to be balanced and make sacrifices in order to get the gold excited about the knicks this year!!!