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mello37knicks asks...
who's gonna rank better in scoring this season?

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john shurna is gonna score more than both...nah i kid(or am i?) but i think novak is more accurate and if hes picked up and moves to get free from the d hes gonna be hard to stop from 3
better shooter who got his breakthrough last season... Jr's a better role player because he can dribble, pass or take you to the hole...
Better shooter, plays his role and stays in control.
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he is a freek when it comes to scoring period.
JR is that energizer we had when we had Nate Robinson. He needs to be our Jason Terry, our instant offense off the bench.
6th man (eventually) will blossom in that roll of being the spark off the bench ...the same but different type of john starks
has that rare ability to score 50+ on ANY night
Cause He Gets The Ball And Can Score Of Dribble Novak Has to get open he cant dribble the ball
JR Smith has an excellent opportunity to start. He also has a better than average chance to be the Knicks #3 scorer. Steve Novak is a great shooter but he is a specialist while JR is more skilled.
noval will still have the best 3 point percentage but smith will have more ppg
novak is a catch and shoot shooter smith is an all around shooter
JR, Novak won't get the same looks without Jeremy Lin and JR is Melo favorite.
J.R. Smith is a more versatile scorer than Novak.