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mello37knicks asks...
who will the knicks play for the championship this year?

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kobe plus 15 more points from everyone because of nash
Lol let's try to win our division first.
I would LOVE to play LA if we can get through the minefield of the East because the Knicks are the PERFECT team to play LA. We have great scoring superstars and Melo is at the point where is more dangerous than Kobe. We are one of the few teams who can match the Lakers inside and we can send waves of good players at Nash and Kobe. We play better team defense (they do have Nash and he is a sieve ; ) and we are FAR deeper. This is where the experience of Camby, Sheed, and Kidd comes in.
LMAO wishful thinking at its best..but if it does come to fruition then im betting its la..
better team
The Lakers have one of the best assembled starting fives in NBA history.
Lakers are just as deep and experienced.
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Lets not get ahead of ourselves now. Goal is ECF
Lakers have no bench, good luck to them in the chemistry dept.
We Will Play OKC Cause The Lakers Not Ganna Beat Okc And They Deff Not Beating Us
LAKERS will still suck
Thunder i don't see the Lakers in the championsip this or next year. Thunder are a much better team
How many championships did Howard compete for while in Orlando?