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Amandeep Jaswal asks...
Knicks, #1 in the Atlantic division this year?
No way!!!

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#1 OVERALL!!! -- Don't care about what moves these other teams made or are making -- WE DA KNICKS!!!! LOOK AT OUR SQUAD!!!
its time we take down boston just like in baseball and football now in nba new york all day!!!! KNICKS/GIANTS/YANKEES/RANGERS!!!!!
You better believe it!
they absolutely can do is washed and thats they only comp in the atlantic
Never settle for less
Thats the goal
I wouldn't say absolutely but it's very possible.
I just think that the depth we have at each position makes us very hard to beat.
You betta ask somebody.. as much as Bynum is good, I think we got their number,
Defense wins championships, so it should win a division for sure. This is going to be a stingy team. #nolayups
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Boston may take that again and philly looks good with bynum plus toronto got a lot better this year.