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Knickerbockers! asks...
I see a lot of Toughness,greedy,savy,smart players on this team.Love it!
Formula for success
Too Old

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YUP -- STRATEGIC / SMART!!! Toughness, Talent and Experience!!! LETS GO KNICKS --
a lot of our people are not big players thomas rasheed prigioni they are like the 13 man our core is still a good age
Let's Rock MElo
None of our veterans are slouches by any definition.Age or not they all can hold their own.
This is what the analysis were saying for the spurs, that they were too old, let's get this done Knicks, rise up NYK!!!
The veterans will make the all stars and rookies/sophomores learn how to handle the game tempo as well helping the passing and defending aspects
Lots of experienced players for the bench that can keep a close game