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marionyk95 asks...
If the Knicks dont win the championship will it be a wasted season? Why?

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"Anything less than a championship is a wasted season." - Amar'e Stoudemire
A championship is always your goal. If you don't achieve that goal you correct the weakest link and move forward!
cuz I think dat we enough talents to "IT" all no next year bt dis as we speak
That's how every player that plays should feel and we should expect the same. if they make it to the finals I would be content but it's all about a championship and not being content.
I wont say waste but underachieved... they have the talent, and experience to do great things. lets see if that gorilla that's been riding us get to ride elsewhere.... KNICKS!!!!@!
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There are 29 teams that wont win the championship, do they all have a wasted season?I would say if they don't reach the 2nd round of the playoffs or at the least a 7 game series in the 1st round.Knick fans are realists! As long as the team leaves everything on the floor,shows crazy effort,beats the teams they're supposed to beat,they'll be alright.
If they can get to the conferences finals or the finals then it would not be a wasted season. I don't care alone as they #BeattheHeat.
If Knicks get far in playoffs they'll have proved that they are serious contenders for years to come
it shows improvement and growth as a team
You build towards championships. I'll settle for playing well in the Eastern Conference Finals for right now and then we can add a couple more power pieces to make that final push.
It all depends on how far they go. Low seed and 1st rd exit is a wasted season. ECF lost is not. They have 2 max 3yrs to win a chip.
I think the Knicks have a 3-year window to win with this team. If they don't win it this year, it won't be for lack of effort or skill. Someone's going to have to beat us because we won't just lose.