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Alan Tolbert asks...
If Lebron lead us to a title, but Melo lead us to conf. champs, ud want

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Still Melo because he actually wanted to be a Knickerbocker...
Melo can become a much better player defensively and assist wise while James already has that covered. So if Melo focuses on that he will give James more of a challenge
hoop up out that pretty mutha****a like MELO'!
i rather my small forward to be able to shoot well rather than pass well leave the passing to the point guards Miami got lucky last year and anyone who thinks it will happen again is delusional
Carmelo in the Orange and Blue. Fk a lebron
melo alll the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
without a doubt
I don't want a Narcissistic, flopping bum repping NY
Mike miller lead the heat to a chip! Carmelo doesn't have a d-wade in the team... if shump would have never went down it would have been a whole different series.
Lebron had a chance to be a Knick and king of this city. He passed on us, so screw him. Now he's the #1 target and Melo is hungrier than ever for his spot
James can't improve any further. Melo can improve on defense and is pound for pound one of the best scorers in the league. Melo hands down!
he is a better player. he got one of the stronger penetration ever.
Melo taking us to the championship this year
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You must give Lebron his props.He's an all around player who understands that it's not about being top scorer it's about winning. Don't get me wrong, I think Melo has it in him he just needs to activate it and prove his critics wrong.
Would u rather have melo over james? U knicks fans r so delusional. James can get better too scary right. Nets got this.
Come on. We're in this to WIN.
I want a championship, period!