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ny212 asks...
Do the Knicks have extra pressure 2 be better then the Nets?

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The Brooklyn who?!
The knicks do have pressure 2 be better. This old guys experiment can go bad and be ugly. Yall knick fans r so delusional think its all about the knicks that nobody is better then them. Keep underestimating the nets. The nets r gonna b better then the knicks. Yall keep saying how deep u are wit the old guys. So there are no excuses right? When the knicks are strugling to get a playoff spot they will b the laughing stock of the nba espically if they don't make the playoff. They didnt get better they got older. Smh yall gonna see. Btw why yall always think somebody hating on the knicks. Aint nobody hating they just not as good as yall think.
Nets are not a team yet, Melo will show that he can distribute the ball just as well as he can put the ball in the hoop. #Knicksallday
Absolutely not! It's not about the Nets it's about the league! New York's blood is "Orange and Blue" anyway!
everyone syaing the nets r number one in new york but have they done this offseason besides sign joe johnson and go to brooklyn
Battle of NY... new additions to both teams
Because of the addition of jay kid,and also getting jr smith to stay.Melo is gonna do his job,also stat,Who is gonna rep New York,Knicks<orNets
Run newyork city
Hey yeah... especially after listening to their shit talking owner.. he reminds me of mark cuban..... (hey man I think you meant "Than" and not "Then"
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let me know when the nets can win more then 22 games first...
I wouldn't even say they are close Knicks are better, an aging joe Johnson trying to mend with Williams and since when has brook Lopez ever been tough there inside defense will be soft
The Nets have been bad for too long to say this one set of offseason moves makes them better than the Knicks. The pressure is to win basketball games, not fans.
because melo is the man he wins games
Net are still wack all they got is joe Johnson but they'll be a playoff team maybe this season
The Nets are the ones with the pressure.They moved,built a new arena,signed 2 players that are supposed to take them over the top.I think they will get the same critical comments the Knicks got with Anthony and Stoudemire.I hope they have lots of concerts booked because the Nets will always just be the Nets.A new arena doesn't increase the skill set.And we know signing 2 stars doesn't always equal a winning combination.
They don't cuz they the number 1 team in new York