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Alan Tolbert asks...
Do the Knicks have the best bench in the NBA?
Mob Deep Volume II

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Definitely. Loaded at all positions
I love it!!!
With Kidd's leadership and JR Smith Offensive Power MOB DEEP II Will be a key to the knicks success this year!
we are stacked!!
Down to the end of the bench! Who's better?
just take a look at that bench....see for urself.
Novak Smith Brewer KiddorFelton Camby Thomas Shumpert now Wallace come on cant beat that
everybody has a great back up and even a great back back up so what can go wrong?
Regardless of age their bench is a starting five (waiting for Rasheed Wallace to sign)
without a doubt
when shump gets back yes as long as they have kidd or Pablo running the show bottom line they need a point to baby sit shump and J.r cause those 2 are crazy at times
They may not have the best bench in the NBA but they most certainly are deep! Depth may be all they need!
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if it were 5 years ago yeah, but we are too old and injuries is going to affect us. hopefully offseason young addition help out and step up