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Sunny Vaz asks...
Who's the better shooter? J.R Smith or Steve Novak?

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jr is more athletic and can create own shot. also can make a shot with defensive in face
jr fcan create his own shot
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when i was a young buck every time i shot i yelled "KOBE!" nowadays i yell out "NOVAK!!"
dude look at the percentage! its a no brainer!
this question is stupid
Novakane is a shooter and Smitty is a scorer! Both are valuable to the championship run!
cuz he can really shoot
Is that a real question
Every tyme he in his spot or wide open, he will make it but J.R. smith make some too but he not really a shooter.
I think JR would pick him too
No comparison
the belt
Novakane is pure.
Smith's VERY incosistent
J.R. Smith is the better scorer because he doesn't just spot up, but Novak's J is sweeeeet! lol
Dumb question! The difference is that J.R. can create his own shot and Novakane is spot up.But Novakane doesn't miss. Also with a full camp Novak may surprise everyone and come up with some new moves.