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Matt Rappaport asks...
Which player will start at point guard for the Knicks on opening day?
Jason Kidd
Raymond Felton

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jason kidd may be getting up there in age but it not like he has to be an athelete to be a big part of this team! he can run he can pass andhe can shoot and he's still in solid shape and still a solid defender!
Kidd is the best point guard.
15 minutes
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ray all day, i missed him after the trade
well the youth and according to ESPN new york "Regardless of whether he's starting or coming off the bench, Felton will be plenty motivated to silence his critics."
he played great with us he will help us mesh
Raymond's first unit will run the opponent on the open floor with the lead while Jason's second unit slows it down in the half court and picks the opponent apart!
Felton cuz hes younger no disrespect to j-kidd but we'll do better with him on the bench
Raymond Felton is younger and he is willing to learn from Jason Kidd. He can run a team and he is motivated all good things
More than likely but let's see what the coach do!... all depends on training camp!
Having Felton bear the heavier load and Kidd come in for some sharpshooting and expert game management is smart. No need to burn Kidd out for the playoffs. Then we'll see who starts.
Felton will start. Not sure what Kidds role will be because if he is out there with the 2nd unit vs. other 2nd units and can't run with them... i don't know.
I think the spot is his to lose.