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Quis_Da_Realist asks...
Will we win the division and what seed will we finish in
Yes, and 1st-8th
No, 1st-8th

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we just have too much talent not to!! there are very few point guards who can distribute the ball to the right players enough to keep em all happy and one of them is Kidd! amar'e will be better melo will be melo (all day!) and they got a whole training camp to make things jell! we got this new york!!!!!
this team is a melo amare and everyone seems healthy its gonna be fun watchin these guys
I think 2nd in the east,the Heat are still the team to beat.
my hope is dat we will win it all
We got a full training camp, Knicks finally can train together and get things going, nothing is gonna stop them!!!!! #KNICKS#CONTENDERS
we are way to deep.........inside outside threats............we are really gonna be a problem out here............THE KNICKS HAVE SPOKEN
we will be #1 becuase no one is going to beat our starting five#reall talk,#lets go knicks
I can see the Knicks edging out the Celtics by a game or two to take the Atlantic and then holding the 3rd seed behind the Heat and the Bulls. The Celtics are ready to fall off.
3rd seed
It is possible to win the division. I believe the KNICKS are a 4th seed (possible 3)! Miami,Boston and the Pacer will be a challenge!
Anything other than 1 is a L
Cause were the NY KNICKS
time is now all the way nYk soon 2 be champs..
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It feels a little too hard for us. Celts are great, and the Knicks will most likely finish 2nd in the Division with a 4th seed for the playoffs.
We will be 2nd to Boston Celtics