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Quis_Da_Realist asks...
ESPN ranked melo 17th, what are your thoughts
Thats terrible wtf
thats a good rank

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melo is a top 5 player in my opinion
ESPN, much like the rest of the media purposely hates on the Knicks, it is that simple. Ever watch ESPN when the Knicks come up as subject? They laugh at us, bring us down, it is almost unprofessional. But hey, our own NY newspapers do it to.
melo is a top 10 talent, wtf. Are there really 16 players better than melo. HELL NO, melo is in my top 5. espn rankings are stupid
top ten at the very least!! fine he didnt have his strongest season! but if his late season games didnt make up for that the olympics totally did!
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I feel he has to be more better defensively