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Quis_Da_Realist asks...
If melo n stat leaves the knicks are you still going to be a knicks fan.

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Became a fan in 99, watched Ewing get traded, watch Allan Houstons body betray him, lived through the Isiah Thomas years and never once defected to the Nets. The players may change but the team never does. GO NY GO NY GO!
KNICK 4life
absolutely, im not a fake knick fan
I would NOT be a happy camper, but yes. NYK, all day, everyday, all the way.
i was a freakin knick fan when we sucked i dont care if we took thugs off the street i would be a knick fan
I was here b4 melo n stat n they will probably retire b4 I die!!!
I've been a Knicks fan since 1992 and I stayed through the abysmal Isiah Era and through the 6'9 David Lee As Center-era. I'm in this for life.
but theu better stay lol
A bunch of fake fans out there and i will be really glad once those fans move on. I am a fan of the Knicks not indvidual players like those posers.
Im a Knick fan. After going through all the bad times it would make no sense to back out.A fan is a fan.You have fair weather fans but are they really fans?
i was a knick fan when Eddie Curry and Stephone Marbury was the best players on the team y would it change now?
"Orange and Blue" for life! That is contingent on the organization putting a winner on the court every year!
Yea but were not gonna be as good
stayed a fan when allen houston retired, stayed a fan when marbury left, ill be a fan looooong after melo and/or amare leave! NYK fan 4 life!!!!
Born in NY and the KNICKS are my team forever no matter what happens
NY till I die
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at once, this year, yes i would knicks would loose alot of fan due to bad mangement......