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Jonathan Marin asks...
Why does the media treat the Knicks so poorly?
Their dislike of Dolan?
We deserve it?

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What are you talking about? Carmelo has a commercial, STAT was on the Daily Show, and about once a week on Sportscenter there's a bit about the Knicks.
It's not really Dolan but a lot transcended from the days when the mistakes cost us some close games (many people lost money on them games) coupled by the poor decisions over the years with acquiring or giving up players. the Knicks is probably the most disliked team simply because we are NEW YORK and one of the most dominating in the world of sports. They dislike that we beat up on other teams... same treatment goes for the GIANTS... people just hate on us because they have the power to.. Shuxx let them hate on! The media will find something to dislike about us regardles if we win or lose! GO KNICKS!!!
I don't know what the Knicks could possibly have done to deserve hate from the media (and don't bring up LINsanity; people have hated the Knicks long before that). I think it's because this team is in New York. This city is as big a stage as any other city and New Yorkers are a tough audience to please, especially if your team has been struggling for as long as the Knicks have.
None of the above. I am a knicks fan for life however, the knicks have a long history of losing. Yes we might make good pickups but somehow it gets changed. The business side of the team has a short attention span and doesn't know how to stick with the full half of the glass. So they pour out the whole cup and refill it with new water constantly if you catch my drift.
I think because the knicks had an Identity in the 90' and until stat and mello came they are in rebuilding mode we will get there some day
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What u mean? Stat been all over the city promoting his book, chandler was on CNN and other shows melo got wax figure and have been featured doing his charities so I don't know what u talking about. The smith brothers and shump and I'm sure all the other players have foundations n charities they run . A few n the media may dis them but I think most of the dissing come from the fans of other teams. They were irrelevant for 10 long years. Doc rivers dissed them 2. He said the team 4 the celtics to beat is the heat. Nobody gonna take them serious until they play winning consistent bb. And now that the nets r in brooklyn, ny they have 2 do better then them or they would really b the laughing stock of the league. U asked the question. Why do u think this way?
The organization has not always put it's best foot forward!
The Knicks have to prove their worth and get into the ECF