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Rick Reiser asks...
Rasheed Wallace

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he's gonna bring a toughness to the team, a low post game and he knows how to win..
Welcome Sheed... a entire year to rest and should be injury free compare to the other vets who were active.. but at the same time he's older... BATTLEGROUND NY and we have the LEAD!!!
Why not? We have nothing to lose. High reward, low risk and he'll add some toughness and scream on Melo when Melo allows LeBron to dunk and wants to hug him after.
hes a beast
i hope he not tco old and can still play he WAS a beast
If he can still post defend and shoot (spread the floor) it will be and excellent signing!
Did he get a deal yet??
Long arms, defensive minded, and motivational guy
All aboard, we obviously are going with player experience over potential to fill out our roster. We have ten players 30 or younger and five 35 or older. Being that on most teams half of their players would have little chance of contributing much to a win, we have a good mix of experience and seasoned potential, crossing my fingers, that will allow us to contend for the chip.
We need to try new things in order to find the one that works. He can be a great help for our defense.
he would be a big plus
Rasheed will bring in that mentally defensive minded hunger to the knicks locker room and floor. He has alot to proove as does the team. Plus the Knicks need another big body that can intimidate the opposition.
Tough Defender, great experience
Two years off might have some rust but he is rested. As long as he is committed to play why not. K-Mart won't sign and we need back up PF and he is a skilled PF that can post, defend, rebound and shoot the 3. Yes.
Sheed will bring knicks to finals!
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old and techincal foul machine
If you want toughness, bring back Oak or Mase.
it wont work if hes in as good of shape as he was in detroit then totally! but hes lost it unfortunatley but hey we'll see! lets go knicks!
Too old and too many T's
too old
Ehhhhhh... 'Sheed said that it was "Knicks or nothing"... But if it was up to me, I wouldn't sign him. Sure, 'Sheed's that tough vet who knows how to win, but don't we have that already with J-Kidd, Camby, and Thomas? We need more youth on this team, not a FOURTH over-38-year-old. I'd rather get Lou Amundson, John Shurna, Sean Williams, or even Chris Copeland at PF.