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truknickfan asks...
How many games will it take for us to see how good this team will be?
About 25
About 50

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25 games is still early into the season. they should should still show a lot early on and fianally win that division
first time amare and melo has a full train camp and a coach who teaches both sides of the ball
Around 35 games, chemistry is and issue and always is with personnel turnover! By 50 games we will know if the can really contend for a title!
I think all we need is 25 all we will look good fast start
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getting melo and stat wo click on the court will take time! but they got too much more talented players as teamates to not make it work... they HAVE to and they no it!!!
Time to really get each other down pack to a tee
about 30...
It'll be great to have a strong record after 25 but it will mean more at 50 and after. Consistency will breed confidence. Work, work, work and then we BEAST!...Hopefully.
I would like it to be 25 but realistically I'd say it will take about 50 games. Ronnie Brewer had surgery and Shump wont be back, so the chemistry wont be there right out of the gate. However Knicks will still an above average and really good team anyways...but they wont be up to their full potential at the start.