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Chazz79 asks...
felton p & r with stat and melos isoltion plays same time on the court
possilbe and great
dont fit together

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He has kid as tutor.. enough said!
well its possible last season it was a roller coaster and melo and amare wasnt healthy so now they are i think its possible along with that pre training camp! so lets just see in the tip off
It can work with both on opposite sides of the floor! If they are on the same side, that would be a weak side play for a shooter!
if it does mesh its not gunna be with felton hes not good enough of a distributer like kidd is... but it CAN work!
felton is a very smart pg works very well with stat and we all know melos shooting ability
If one fails you always have the other as an option
Felton is a smarter, faster, and more tough minded than given credit. He will find ways for the open man to score and score on his own. He has a big chip on his shoulder with lots to proove. What chip with what to proove you ask? Does #17 ring a bell?
This can and will work. health was an issue and briefly with Lin. Felton knows how to run a team. He is confidant and has the respect of Melo,A'mare and Chandler. With Mike Woodson and Jason Kidd giving advice, and his personality we will see this offense flourish.
I guess it is a great weapon. Felton is the key for me! He decides from situation to situation p & r witht stat when he is in a better position than melo or melo takes shoots or go to the rim! I guess it could be a very very good season or a desaster, nothing between. But i think Stat an Melo will show the basketballword that both can coexist!!! Go Knicks!
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Hey mix and match the offensive sets, Felton like a conductor of a symphony must create classic pieces and mix and remix the hits!