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Alan Tolbert asks...
Be honest, who do you think'll win when we play the Heat in the 2nd game??????

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Too many New and not only new but experienced guys on the roster,i think our most important new guy is Raymond Felton
well obviously !
every second of the game will count and lebron will blow the fourth quarter
Cuz I hate the heat new York Knicks all day
We have their number.
its gonna be a good game, we'll see
I Always BID on Orange n Blue!!!
History and ranking say the heat. Hope and faith says Knicks become their nemesis. We can only hope that we become their thorn, its the only way to chipland in dream or reality.
because the knicks are gonna be more progressive than last year
It depends on Stat and Melo, are they going to be in friendship mode and play soft against LeBron because they like him so much? Or are they going to finally get tough and try to shut them down.
Cause we're the better team
It's a regular season game and the Knicks will be good enough. They wont need to worry about the Heat in the playoffs until the Semi-Finals, which I would have to wait and see to judge how many games we'll win then.
they have an improved team with seasoned veterans
Pride! The Heat dogged them in the playoffs with all of our injuries.The Knicks will run them out of the gym that first time.
heat not health wade still recovering the reason the heat won at all last years is bc no one including the knick was willing to play small ball with them they kept keeping two bigs on court when the heat only had one
Every player and team has a weakness! It is all about mindset and execution! The KNICKS can most certainly beat the Heat! They must "D-up"!
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Could be the Heat, they are the defending champs and LeBron is always motivated. I just want the Knicks to beat the Brooklyn NETS opening day to shut up all of the critics.
Ur question is not specific. Game 2 of what round? Don't matter they not beating miami n no round.
in the end the heat are just to damn tough im rooting for the knicks and it CAN happen but miami aint about to lose THIS early in the season theyre too good to let that happen unfortunately