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jerry_ny asks...
Amare + Felton key to success? Will they play together like in 10/11?
no way...

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Why not..
The chemistry is already there!
Stat is going to go ham once again and reign supreme as the teams captain watch
They could if they wanted but now that Ray has alot more offensive weapons in his arsenal than he did in 2010-2011, I expect their ppg. averages to go down slightly. Not to discredit Gallo and Wilson Chandler but Melo and Tyson Chandler seems alot more potent.
Of course they know each other's game well and with a full training camp I have complete confidence in Woodson and Felton to get A'mare the ball where he needs it to be effective.
They've done it together before.
Deemoney, are u stupid! they lost lin a LONG time ago to the rockets
Because they have carmelo,jermey lin,Tyson,and AMAR'E STOUDEMIRE
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its not going to be the same chemistry. felton and stat played under the past paced pick n roll offense of d'antoni. where everyone runs freely and gets open. woodson is more of a slow pace isolation plays and more work done in the post.
theyre going to be to focused on getting chemestry between melo and amare on check, also j kidd will more than likely be starting point guard so they have to get that combo on point as well.