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Jah Adisa asks...
What do you think about the us working out R. Wallace off retirement?
Good idea
Waste of time

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They invited james worthy n robert parish to work out for them 2.
"ball don't Lie"
its probably a good idea because he could be a good on the defensive side
Good idea. Wallace will keep them young boys slacking in line. If healthy he can bring the team closer to champ caliber material despite what Chuck says. He just has to watch them tecs though.
It's a good idea as long as Rasheed will commit to this team and winning. He has a good relationship and respect for Woodson, he has been out of the league for 2 years so he will have rust but also he is well rested. Since k-Mart won't sign he is a skilled PF that can contribute. 'Sheed can post, physical defender, rebound, and shoot the 3. with Jason Kidd running Mobb Deep, he will get his points to keep him happy. So yes bring himin
I think it's a good idea with respect to additional leadership and toughness. He can even serve as mentor to Tyson, who would welcome additional defensive advice.
good i guess
it good
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were deep already we dont need sheed
We're already deep at the post positions, with that said, focus on adding players at the 2 and 3 positions.