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nyKnicks123 asks...
Which is stronger?
Knicks Backcourt
Knicks Frontcourt

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Melo stat and sorry chandler is not better then Miami lakers okc just 2 name a few. Knick fans r setting their self up 4 a disappointing season. They have 2 yrs with this group they got. Say what u want about Boston they got better. They drafted well and signed some key players. This team is not a good fit. When they lose n the first round again melo might want 2 go back to Denver. Ne
The front court for now. But once Shump is back n healthy, along w/ the intensity Felton brings on D, may be the toughest defensive front court anyone will see. idk what this guy ny212 is talking but he's dead wrong. Melo STAT n Tyson will be one of the best front courts in the league once the defensive plays are made. N when the starters come out guys like J Kidd, JR Smith, Steve Novak, n Marcus Camby go in. This team will be the best all year, AND throughout the playoffs.
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melo stat and tyson vs felton shump and kidd ya its a no brainer
Melo, Stat, and Chandler= Best front court in league
You kiddin' me? A frontcourt of Melo, STAT, and Chandler? Name another frontcourt that could beat those three once they mesh together. nyk212, you should just give it a rest already. Now you're making it sound like you have no basketball knowledge whatsoever.
Melo is versatile and part of any court.. we will flourish with a good cast
Back court is ehhh
They're the bomb
Carmelo, A'Mare and Chandler is like an all star team. I's take this front court over NETS back court any day
frontcourt maybe