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DaveDMan asks...
How many if any Knicks will be 2012-2013 All-Stars?
None or One - Who?
Two or More, Which ones?

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chandler is good, but bynum is gonna b better. amare is good,but bosh and melo r gonna b PF
Stat n Melo
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I'm hoping Melo, Chandler and Amare will get in. I feel mostly strongly about Melo and Chandler. If Stat gets in, then we ballin!
Carmelo, Tyson, and Felton.
melo,stat, tyson maybe jr smith and iman novak is a three point all star
Melo and Amar'e
Melo, Kidd, Chandler and J.R Smith, becuase they belong on the All Star team
Carmelo, A'mare and Chandler. wish Iman Shumpert was healthy to participate in the dunk contest I think he would have won last year.
Melo. Iman. Novak
Melo, chandler, amari
Melo and Stat Novak in the 3pt shootout Shump in the dunk contest
Carmelo Anthony & Amare Stoudemire sn; Steve "Novakane" Novak will win 3pt shooting contest at all star weekend
melo stat and maybe tyson but prob not
At a minimum, I look to see Melo, Stat. Tyson and possibly shump depending on how he get back to work!!!
Iman shumpert and of course melo but stat he needs to get better