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Marquise Hall asks...
Whaddya think bout Hakeem Olajuwan training, Melo, STAT Chandler, knicks
Awesome, they need it

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This is awesome, this will exponentially make the Knicks better in the post. Tyson Chandler needs it the most, if he develops post moves and rebounding. We will have a great center. If melo gets even better in the post. Omg everyone will get owned by melo
Hell yeah!!!!!, they should offer him a position as an assistant coach along with Ewing!!!
Great, now they're chemistry will improve dramatically if all of them are on the same page.
this is amazing!
it was a good 2 weeks mainly for amare its always godd to get a lesson from a legond
it will help them play together
they will get on the same page more and it can't hurt for them to get more practice knicks will show a lot more improvement this year
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Lawd knows chandler needs it. And if they team b just ok they not gonna look 2 bright. All jokes aside the Knicks r gonna b the beast of the east. They got all the pieces any team would want.