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CodfishZ asks...
What is the Knicks biggest enemy going into this season

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Everyone's enemy... chemistry comes through practice and game time performances... they will get that especially with the seasoned players on the roster which makes learning roles much easier!!!
To start off the knicks already have two injured players Iman Shumpert and Ronnie Brewer. Ronnie will miss the preseason and Shumpert until January or so. This year the knicks have an older team so their is a higher risk for injury... and chemistry can be dealt with mostly during training camp and also in games themselves.
i think injuries cause they have a veteren team and ronnie brewer is already injured but luckily he will be back for the opener 2012. 2013 season
Everyone enemy chemistry is practice
I agree with the previous posters. With this veteran team, chemistry and injuries will both be likely to happen.