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Emir Purisic asks...
Does melo have what it takes to win scoring champion this season

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ny212, you are so biased against the Knicks, that it's actually pretty sad. People always say that Melo only cares about his points, but no one seems to realize that he doesn't even take that many shots compared to other All-Stars. KD, Kobe, Kevin Love, and LeBron all have more field goal attempts than Melo. If he took as many shots as them, he easily could've been a scoring champ. But that's not what he's trying to do. He's not worried about being a scoring champ, he just wants to win.
i think he is the best offensive player in the NBA right now so many weapons for him
he's a beast
knuxter i agree with u everybody wants 2 bring melo down and melo will do what ever it take to win
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Who give a shyt about the top scorer if it team is not score. He should want to win the league mvp 2 get his teammates more involved. That's not the type of player he is he would rather b the one with the most pts than anything else