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Knuxter asks...
Let's be honest. Which team, right now, has the better roster?
Brooklyn Nets
New York Knicks

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Yeah everything look nice on paper. They old self have 2 play. Y'all ain't winning no championship no time soon. The nets will get one b for y'all cause the owner don't care about going over the luxury tax for the team 2 win. The knicks
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NYK has four advantages over BKN: 1. A stronger front court; BKN's front court of Wallace, Humphries, and Lopez is no match for Melo, STAT, and Chandler. 2. A stronger bench; Knicks have J-Kidd, Prigioni (an MVP and Olympic medalist in his country), J.R., Brewer, Novak, and Camby. The best players on BKN's bench are only MarShon Brooks, C. J. Watson, and Tyshawn Taylor. 3. Better defense; Knicks have two D.P.o.t.Y. (Chandler and Camby), perimeter defense with Shump and Brewer, and Woodson who's a defensive-minded coach. 4. And team chemistry; Knicks are holding an early training camp for the sole reason of making sure that chemistry will not be a problem.
It is not even close. Lets go Knicks!
hahahaha for sure the knicks i laugh at your ignorance of even askin such a question next Q please
i think knicks but on by that much i think they have slighty more deaph
Depth at every position in the lineup and off the bench.
by far
the knicks of course
we got melo da