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Jbeef asks...
Are the new jerseys better then the old ones

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yea i thought it looked weird at first from the 2k13 pics but when tyson had it on it looked pretty good. LEGGGGOOO NYK!!
MAYBE but the sixers are better now with the addition of Bynum and Richards
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Jerseys are trash. Stop with the classic stuff. Keep looking back in the past and you won't be able to move forward. I wanted to see something modern, up to date. It's a let down. Been praying for new unis for years. This isn't it. Talk about missing the mark completely.
The belt is boring, the "NEW YORK" looks all flat, the Subway Token logo is gone, and the neckline trim oddly stops at the armpit. I'm not´╗┐ one to complain too much, but I was hoping to see a good modern version of the jerseys from the mid '90s, not these underwhelming things. The only thing that I like about them is that motto: "Once a Knick, always a Knick."
Not what i hoped for either. Couldve been much better but at least its something new.