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ny212 asks...
I will leave when y'all admit who is better.

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This is a no brainer. James is a complete player that would fit with any team. Melo is one dementional player. James got 22 career triple doubles. Melo got 2. James took a Cleveland team of nobodies to the finals. The only reason James don't lead the nba n scoring is cause he is the most unselfish player n the league. Y'all just jealous. Admit the truth and I'm out. If y'all give answer I don't like I'm staying. It's not even close. Gut check time.
I'm a die hard Knicks fan. But let's face it. Lebron is a TEAM player. He makes those around him, better. And like NY212 said ^, he's noted 22 career triple-doubles so FAR. That's not to say Melo isn't a great player.
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ny212 STFU get lost no one likes you! MELO MELO MELO MELO! wade made lebron better while we had fields and a unhealthy amare NYK ALL DAY EVERY DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who care.. LeBUMM is not a knickerbockerr... why even compare him here... When he become a Knickerbocker you can bring up this comparison