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melorules7 asks...
do you think carmelo and amare will mesh!

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with a full training camp it will work. if you look at the game highlights melo does look for amare, he also looks for the open corner shot in novak. put to rest the selfish act they keep giving him.
This question is so over already...With a proper point guard - talented, experienced, court vision, smart...not an issue, without; they're both forced to try and play a solo game
yes but even with a full training camp it will take till about all star break before they get rollin.. its gonna happen tho
With a solid point guard it will come together.
They only had 1 offical season...the big 2 werent great there first year
They will be fine
they are both good scoring forwards
There both great scorers and defenders
Why not?... Go Knicks or someone would have gotten traded already
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Melo think it all about him for them to get the mesh going.