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ny212 asks...
Do the Nets run NY now?

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They don't have no pressure on them. U loser knicks fans think melo better then lebron. All the pressure n NY is on the knicks. Nets run NY now.
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ny212 your sad, you answered your own question knicks all day every day get it thru ur think skull
knicks have been here since the start of the nba -.- nets are pretty much intruding sacred ground
If you said yes, I would love to know how a team who is just coming to NY, runs this city and they haven't played a single game yet. Even when they do play a game, this city has had the Knicks and will always have the Knicks. They don't call MSG the worlds most famous arena for nothing you know.
no what the hell is wrong with you
The Knicks Will Pwn
hell no u must b on suntin if u think jus cus they got joe johnson they runnin suntin now #getouttahere
ny212 needs to get banned from this site. he doesnt put up a compelling arguement at all.
noooo way bandwagoners will go over then realize they suck...its just like the jeremy lin phenomonan
last year the nets were the punching bags everyone beat them and they had one of the worst records 2 years ago
They only got dw and jj we got melo and amare and Raymond felton
nets suck
HFN!!!! Not even Barkley's they don't run! Joe Johnson does not change the team from sorry to the best like that... be real! If they scooped up Bynum them we would have troubles..
U crazy Brooklyn will never win
nyk has melo