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gustyb7 asks...
Which coach is best suited to coach our New York Knicks?
Phil Jackson
Mike Woodson

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You knicks fans are pathetic. You have to go with the coach that have the hard ware. The nets will win before the knicks.
woody will never get a hardware.
I'd go with phil jackson, but he is questionable. But I would like to give mike woodson at least 2 years to coach the knicks, because I like woody and I think he can lead the knicks. But lets not forget the great Phil Jackson, with 11 rings.
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Great defensive coach! That all we need because the Knicks are beast on the offensive side
You cannot go wrong Jackson, but I like Woodson.
Yeah sure, Action Jackson has 11 championships rings, but to be honest, he would not work very well with this Knicks roster. Woodson on the other hand has earned respect with this team as a defensive-minded coach and it doesn't help if we keep moving too many pieces around with ANOTHER coaching change.
i would say phil but naw
he is a defensive coach the knicks need to get defensive minded we have the offesive side on lock let go knicks nation
Woodson's defensive mindset is what the Knicks need most. We already have the offensive force
Woodson going to be better because phil jackdon retire he not going to be able to put the knick on top.
A great deffensive coach and led the knicks on a winning streak!
We're fine... Coach Jackson can get a job in the front office though like Pat Riley did in Miami!
thought we did this already coach woody for 3 years