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Alan Tolbert asks...
Carmelo had a breakout season after his first medal; can he do it again?

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carmalo will dominate
without a doubt
he has to
Will have an MVP type year
he is a much better shooter now and is a smarter player he can do anything he wants with the ball
because he is a great player
Of course
Injury held him back last season and he played anyway... That's what Lin should have done but my bad for mentioning him, he had other motives!
Carmelo Is My Best Player I KNo He Will Do It Again Nobody Could Stop Him If They Had A Chance TOo Melo Is The Best guy In The $th Quater to Give The Ball Too..He Bin Doing It For Years.And He Will Get This RIng B..
cause new york knicks are getting serious about basketball
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Carmelo is one of guys who going to be with the knick for a long. with jason kidd on the knick we can see alot of old school style basketball which can help carmelo