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nyKnicks123 asks...
How intense will the Knicks-Nets blossoming rivalry get this season?
Very intense
Eh, not so much

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The Nets gonna show the Knicks who the new sheriff n town is. They gonna beat them 3 times this year
It will be intense because the Nets will make it that way. The Knicks will not back down
its is show who the king of new york is the balttle of new york begins
No one really did not wanted the net in New York.. we are New York Knick and only one team going to be in new york city and that is Knicks
Of course we got the better roster...
nets got pretty good this offseason and with the celtics lossing allen and their players gettn older the division champ is between us philly and nets so i can imagine match ups wit the nets and philly will b pretty intense
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not so much da knicks is going to win every time
Not very intense cuz Joe Johnson got nothin' on Melo and Tyson can take on Brook Lopez... Jason Kidd is odviousley a more experienced point guard than Deron and look at the Knicks' bench and then look at the Nets' bench... The Knicks are gonna dominate every time they play the Nets!
we gonna win against them anyway