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Alan Tolbert asks...
If Lebron James wanted to came to New York, would you accept him?
Still hate him
Oh yeah!

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We do not need him... not that he's bad or anything but The Knicks are fine the way they are.
is this a joke
He didn't want us in 2010, we don't want him now. We must dethrone him.
I gotta pass on Lebron. I've recently gained respect as he's been humbled, but he's essentially just the "rich man's" way of getting a ring. Legacies are built from the ground up(Jordan, Kobe, Bird, Hakeem, Pierce, etc.). NYC needs to just build with Melo, Stat, & co. Maybe go get CP3 or someone other strong guard and build a championship team that way.
we have meloooooo
hell no because few year ago he say no. and our answer to him is going to be no
no love for lebron i respect him and like him as a person but once he puts on a jersey hes nycs worst enemy
Noooo We Dnt Need Lebron To Get A Ring We Got Melo And He Will Get It
NEVER for me LBJ has no BLOOD! understand? STAT has BLOOD for the Knicks, MELO has BLOOD for the Knick. LBJ is the best player no question! he is the best in the most skills! but after he join to Miami, there is a very bad taste!
he wouldnt fit
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any fan would want lebron on their team. ask yourself these two questions. if lebron and melo switched teams who would be favorite to go to the finals. lebron got 22 triple doubles and melo have 2. the stats dont lie. amelo16 lebron would fit with any team. and chazz stat and melo got blood for knicks? what that mean they not original knicks yall need to stop hating and realize that he is the best player in the nba. melo can learn from this guy to be a more complete player. i know my comment is not going to b popular with my fellow knick fans but lets get real its the truth
He is the best player in the league imo. A scorer and a defender, he would instantly make any team better.
Why not.. he arguably the best player in the game right now, No doubt about it. But its a good dream and he loves his boy D-wade!!!
He does everything pass,score,and rebounds the ball
Why wouldnt you take lebron james. He is a phenomenal player, and makes everyone around him better. He can score and pass, he is a complete player. He would fit great into the knicks. He plays good D. He plays well with melo has you seen in the olympics and will get many assist. He can dish out. Lebron+Melo= Greatness. I dont like lebron that much but I wouldnt mind having him on the team
Anyone who think for a second that lebron would not lift the knicks to a title is kidding theirself. You losers don't know jack about basketball. The nets gonna kick the knicks out the gym on opening night.