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nyKnicks123 asks...
Should Melo play more power forward this season?
Yes, more explosive
No, STAT is our PF

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I think Melo pays well in the PF position, but he should change up depending on who he is playing with/against on the court. Keep the opposition on their toes
Yes...I think Melo showed in the Olympics how strong he is at the Power. This can allow NYC to throw some switches to teams when he and STAT are on the court. It will make teams uncomfortable and allow Melo to get closer to the basket, play low post Pick&Roll or low Pick&Dish.
If melo plays PF, he will be explosive. He can rebound well and beat big PF off the dribble since he is quick. He can also take a PF to his weak side of the court and shoot jumpers all day. No PF would be able to guard melo.
When Stat goes to the bench to take a break Melo can take Pf. Also he's way more explosive at the 4
some games he should be playing more PF stat is awesome but melo causes mis matches against almost the hole league especally the heat
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I think melo is fine. The beauty of it all is that he proved he can play the big man role but from looking at our new roster, there won't be no need for him to move to pf and can still be explosive as a sf or in the middle if need to!!!!
they need seperate units. end of story. they play the same game. just different ways. they both need the ball. so melo can play whatever. stat comes in and plays pf with camby at center and smith at 3.
Give Amare a chance to show to redeem himself & show his improvements
STAT, Kurt and Chris Copeland will play our PF this year!
Melo Need To Play Small Forward Because its alot of tough sf That He Can Guard And Keep Them Under There Percentage of scoring