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Alan Tolbert asks...
Do you think that Melo and STAT can stay healthy this year?

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its not a lock out
Melo just need to be careful, and stat needs to not do anything his younger self would do. because his aging body wont be able to handle that.
Of course!
melo and stat is about to come alive this year
Melo Is Fit He Train Almost EVry Daii And Stat Working On His Game and Trining With Hakeem Jabar
They better!!!
The game will be fun for them this year
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Its nearly impossible that 2 franchise players are 100% healthy at all times. Yes they got more prep time this season, but the more important factor is that NYC is better equipped with a roster that could deal with injuries. Last year, Knicks bench was weak. Lin threw off other teams since he wasn't scouted and NY was looking for a boost from somewhere, but once he was scouted, teams adjusted.