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Tanvir23 asks...
How many points do you think Carmelo will average every night?
15 - 25
25 - 35

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I think this is bounce back season for both Melo and Stat!!!.... NO LIN DRAMA and hopefully NO INJURY!!!!
Now that we've got better Point Guards and Melo's in better shape, I can see him averaging anywhere between 23-28 PPG. Anything above 30 might be a bad thing because it would mean that Melo is still doing all the work on offense while everyone else is slackin'.
melo gonna go ham
scoring machine !!!!!!!!!!!
he is not going to average nothin by 15 he is probably going to average around 28-35 a game
37 in 14 minutes coming off the bench during the Olympics. Melo sensed something during the playoffs and then the Olympics. With Felton and Kidd at point, teams will have to pressure the ball, which means Melo slides further down to the basket or wings for easy 3s. Last year Knicks had no real PG with Davis ailing. So more pressure was on Melo iso's. Which actually resulted in more difficult shots.
{melo is da truth}
Because He's Unstoppable..He's A Scorer And His Clutch Is Driving In Rush Like He Said
Melo will go berserk and have a mvp season
Melo knows its his turn to get the championship so he's going to go off
He will have his best season yet.