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Tanvir23 asks...
If the knicks had to get another player... which position should it be?

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need a SG/SF like josh howard or maybe a PF like kmart or birdman
The do need a SG right now is no one the good in the knick who could stop up every night and be a good SG like wade or kobe
Cause We Def Need A Extra shooter of the bench
Another shooting guard we have alot of big men
we could get another 3 point shooter like novak
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we need kenyon martin!!!!!!!!! if we get kmart we definitely winning the chip
We've already got three solid PGs and three solid SGs (once Shump comes back), yet the only player who can come off the bench for Amar'e is Copeland. If we could get another legit Big Man at the PF spot, we'd be all set.
A Center cuz Tyson can get into foul trouble and then Marcus Camby will need help
were very deep at the guard spots once shump gets healthy
we need a pf rite now