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Tanvir23 asks...
Do you think Kurt Thomas deserves to play 20 minutes or more per game?

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He's good on deffense
he can play d
Hes deffence is good better than jeffries
If he's producing, why not, even though i think he's a definite bench warmer
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Thomas will maybe play 10- 15 min per game.
Oh, no no no! The guy will be 40 before the season even starts. Besides, Tyson will get the most playing time as the starting Center while Camby will probably play out the rest.
Kurt has always been a role player. He's good to add the physicality and maintain when STAT, Tyson, or Camby are on the bench. He'll be good to make the front court deep enough to handle Miami, and maintain strong D throughout the game and also spread the offense with solid 15-17 footers.
No He Aint shid He Dont do nothing But Stand in the paint a cause turnovers he just like aa peace of shyt in the toilet
We have Marcus Camby, he can get his 10-15
doesnt have the legs for 20 mins
naw his to old but he might do something