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what seed do you think the knicks will be this year i got #3
top 3
lower than 3

Top Rated
If the Knicks can finally get their shit straight (Felton in shape, team chemistry, Woodson gets the job done, Amar'e & Melo clicking), we could easily be a Top 3 seed. Could be: 1. Heat 2. Celtics 3. Knicks 4. Pacers 5. Bulls/Sixers/Nets, etc...
top 3 no doubt
Heat 1 Knicks 2 Celtics #
Heat , Celtics, Knicks Btw fuck the Nets.
Heat Knicks Celtics pacers bulls nets 76s hawks
the bench is better this year
Heat Bulls Knicks
Why not!
i honestly think we can be the 2nd best team in our conference if we play good consistent knicks basketball