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Naumas King asks...
Sign and trade
Free Agent

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The Knicks have some bad cap right now so they have to trade for Paul.
it'll have 2 b a sign n trade which probably include shump felton and jr 4 for cp3 and some scrubs so im not sure cuz if the knicks were willing to trade shump 4 nash they'll do it 4 cp3 2 n theres no way we should trade shump n the new CBA wont let us sign him as a free agent
we don't have the cash unless we Amnesty some1 like Stat? which means we just had a disastrous Season!
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i don't want to trade anbody!
next offseason cp3 becomes a freeagent and the knicks could pick him from the market
we traded all of our draft picks in the past five years. we can trade some current players, since they are on the down side.
DON'T NEED HIM. Felton will prove himself... again.
I like the roster we have right now... The Knicks shouldn't trade anybody!
We have a good team no need to trade anybody and mess the chemistry up
yes it is possible
Gonna be a long tough shot but its possible. everyone will want a piece of him and he will cost money then. Hope he depreciates like J-kid!
he always wanted to be part of the knikcs if he doesnt re sign with the clippers i dont see why not besides for money but im sure if cp3 is on the table they will figure somethin out about the money