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nykrob asks...
Do we have enough to win it all??

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2013 NBA Champions NYK all day all the way
We have enough to battle like the early/mid 90s Knickerbockers used to battle...
no diggidy no doubt
YERRRRRRPP!!!... {knicks r da truth}
We got the pieces we have to put it together
we are new york
Mos Def
Can we get out of the first Round! How about some Home field advantage in the play offs. #GOKNICKS
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Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire have trouble connecting with eacother, the ball needs to move more!
I don't think we have enough bt we are in the conference finals no doubt.hope we make moves to bring a back up p.f ..when mega shump comes back omg we be strong let's go nYk..